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Photo: Irish castle

August 31, 2006

There is no shortage of stunning photos of Ireland on Flickr. Here’s a good one:

photo of Irish castle

Photo by Eole.

Here’s what I would ask if I were visiting this castle on my trip: Who lived here and when? Any myths or legends attached to this place?


Entry submitted

August 31, 2006

I’ve officially entered the contest! The application comprised three parts–the first, my name and basic contact information; the second, relating to my use and interest in different forms of media, including podcasting; and the third, a 850-character-maximum pitch on why I should be chosen for the one-week podcasting assignment in Ireland. I wanted keep things brief … so I made my case in a tidy 841 characters:

I want to go to Ireland to tell its stories–-both of its residents and its visitors. I want to meet the people of Ireland-–-a shopkeeper, an artist, a group of school children, a businessman, an athlete-–and learn about their lives. I want to search for the town in the centre of Ireland where my great-grandmother was raised and then speak with other tourists who are journeying to the country to trace their family roots. I want to meet 2006 Tech Blogger winner Tom Raftery, not only to ask him about Ireland’s place in social media but also to hear his tales of caring for a newborn child.As a writer/editor/web producer by day and blogger/podcaster/audio enthusiast by night, I understand the craft of creating authentic and compelling stories. Give me the opportunity to tell Ireland’s. Check out my site:

Winners will be announced on Tourism Ireland’s website on September 12, 2006.

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It’s now or never …

August 31, 2006

Deadline day for entry into the “Your Very Own Ireland™ Podcast Contest” is today, August 31. I am completing my entry now. More in this space soon.

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