Entry submitted

I’ve officially entered the contest! The application comprised three parts–the first, my name and basic contact information; the second, relating to my use and interest in different forms of media, including podcasting; and the third, a 850-character-maximum pitch on why I should be chosen for the one-week podcasting assignment in Ireland. I wanted keep things brief … so I made my case in a tidy 841 characters:

I want to go to Ireland to tell its stories–-both of its residents and its visitors. I want to meet the people of Ireland-–-a shopkeeper, an artist, a group of school children, a businessman, an athlete-–and learn about their lives. I want to search for the town in the centre of Ireland where my great-grandmother was raised and then speak with other tourists who are journeying to the country to trace their family roots. I want to meet 2006 Tech Blogger winner Tom Raftery, not only to ask him about Ireland’s place in social media but also to hear his tales of caring for a newborn child.As a writer/editor/web producer by day and blogger/podcaster/audio enthusiast by night, I understand the craft of creating authentic and compelling stories. Give me the opportunity to tell Ireland’s. Check out my site: http://www.SendMeToIreland.com

Winners will be announced on Tourism Ireland’s website on September 12, 2006.

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2 Comments on “Entry submitted”

  1. Tom Raftery Says:

    Best of luck Bryan – if you do win let me know and we can meet up for a pint of Murphy’s!

  2. bryper Says:

    Thanks, Tom. It certainly would be a pleasure to meet you I discovered Island. Fingers crossed!

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