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Photo: The Apple Store

September 6, 2006

This is one of several great Flickr photos from Donncha, whose work also appears in In Photos.

photo of apple store

Here’s what I would ask Doncha: How is Cork changing? Where your does your obvious passion for street photography come from?

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Photo: Dinner in Dublin

September 1, 2006

Betty151 (seated at front, left) has dinner in Dublin on what appears to be, from her photostream, a trip around Europe.

Here’s what I would ask this group were I part of the dinner: What is “hip” and happening in Dublin? What attracts — and keeps — young people there?

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Photo: Irish castle

August 31, 2006

There is no shortage of stunning photos of Ireland on Flickr. Here’s a good one:

photo of Irish castle

Photo by Eole.

Here’s what I would ask if I were visiting this castle on my trip: Who lived here and when? Any myths or legends attached to this place?